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What to Learn About Someone Before You Make an Investment

What to Learn About Someone Before You Make an Investment

Investments can be a great way to grow your income. Put the money down, and check in every once in a while for the return. If you're investing in stocks, you can just check an app every day and see how your stocks' values have changed. However, usually far more lucrative investments can be made in entrepreneurs-they've got a business plan that addresses a new problem, and could make themselves and you tons of cash. Work little, make lots-the American dream.

Entrepreneurs aren't usually proven right out the gate, though, so you need a little background info to see whether investing is a sound financial decision. 411Locate People Search allows you to pull up a full background check on anyone you want. What info should you get to make sure your entrepreneur isn't just another Amway rep?

Property value and Location

Find out where they live and how much it's worth. Existing wealth can be a good determining factor on whether they're responsible enough to handle someone else's money. The neighborhood they're in can give you a hint as to the kind of company they keep. Yeah it's kind of judgmental, but it's just business, kid.

History of Property they've Owned

See how this tot treats their toys. Do they play nice with them, or do the toys depreciate faster than the housing market trends? Yes, the metaphor broke down, so make sure his own investments don't break down too.

Criminal History

Has this person been up to bad things? Money laundering? Pyramid schemes? While it's all well and good to invest in a pyramid scheme, if they got caught before, well they can't be very good at it, can they?


Duh. Don't throw money into a hole. 411Locate can tell you any and all bankruptcies that someone's involved with, so if this person ruined themselves once, well, everyone deserves a second chance, but probably with some other sucker's money.


Your investments should be in the project of a person who knows how to avoid lawsuits. If they're the one leveraging it, that's fine-maybe they're playing the patent game and protecting their project and your investment. If they're getting sued, or have a history of getting sued, it's better to keep your money somewhere a little lease leaky.


Maybe they haven't been caught in criminal acts-that doesn't mean they're innocent. Find out all of the aliases they are known to go by, so if this snake oil salesman tries to run off, you can track them to their new hideout.

The Little Things

A background check can give you a lot more that doesn't seem important and yet can be really helpful. Get all the basic dirt on your potential investment-are they married, or have they been divorced? How old are they? Who are their relatives? While discrimination when it comes to investing is perfectly legal, this isn't what this information is for. Learn all about them, and in your follow-up discussion, find out if these small details are the sort of thing they'd lie about by asking leading questions. If they do lie, then you know you've either got a poor investment on your hands, or a one with a heck of a liar at the helm.

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