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Inexpensive & Quick Background Checks for Your Small Company

Small Company Culture

If you have a small company, it's likely that you don't have much experience with employees. If you are expanding from a sole proprietorship or partnership to managing employees you've hired, you probably have a lot of ideas about how you're going to be a great boss. Casual Mondays through Fridays, lots of soda and pizza, NERF gun fights, and lots of other things that are great for entertaining 10 year olds and 20-something yuppies alike. Well that's great, good for you. Just make sure your professional sleepover is with your besties, and not people who are gonna steal your Fruit-by-the-Foot.

You NEED Background Checks

Leave your trusting nature aside. It's nothing personal, it's just business, bambino. Whoever you hire will have access to a lot more of your company than you might realize, and you never know who may be concealing their white-collar criminal history. Even a blue-collar criminal history would be a problem-maybe they can't get access to online banking accounts, but they can at least physically steal the computer until they find someone who can.

Inexpensive and Cheap Checks

Conducting an invasive rummaging of personal information might seem expensive and time consuming to a new employer. You might imagine a sleuth hiding behind dumpsters with a magnifying glass and the whole get-up, when in reality it's a more like ordering pizza online. The work can all be done for you quickly, without ever stepping away from your computer. A full background check can be performed and collected from sites like 411Locate for as little as $39.95. You limit your costs by only running the check on soon-to-be employees, and see this cost virtually disappear.

What Does a Background Check Reveal, and What's it Good For?

  • Criminal Check - I mean, it's the whole reason you're running this thing, isn't it?
  • Full name - you can refer to them by their first, middle, and last name to let them know when they're in trouble.
  • Address - Catch them on "sick" days, and call them out on their "long" commute.
  • Age and date of birth - Avoid hiring employees whose Zodiac sign doesn't get along well with yours.
  • Address history - Look out for any cardboard boxes listed as "residence."
  • Property - Helps you figure out if they have a nice place to throw the company Christmas party, and whether they really need that raise.
  • Bankruptcies - If they can't handle their own money, how can they handle yours?
  • Aliases - Helps you figure out nicknames for the new guy without losing productivity.
  • Lawsuits - Did they win? Often? This helps you figure out if you need an arbitration clause.
  • Death Records - It's often better to have live employees than dead ones.
  • Marriage & Divorce - Saves the embarrassment of hitting on an employee who isn't available.
  • Even more, like NSA levels of more.

Cut costs and save time on background checks by checking out 411Locate whenever you have a promising new employee!

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