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How to Use People Search to Stay a Step Ahead of your Interviewer

How to Use People Search to Stay a Step Ahead of your Interviewer

You just got off the phone. You're so excited you can't stop yourself from jumping up and down. They invited you in for an interview! You've got a shot, you can do this, you're going to waltz in there and show them...wait. Now the panic sets in. "Oh man, what if I blow this interview? What if they hate me?" Performance-anxiety happens to many people before interviews, over much bigger problems than which color tie should you use, how long or short your skirt should be, or whether you should wear a skirt made of ties. Give yourself some quick performance-enhancement by doing a people search on your interviewer, and use your newfound psychic power to pull the job out of thin air.

Copy their Interests and History

Regardless of how qualified, knowledgeable and experienced you are, if an interviewer doesn't like you or couldn't see themselves working with you, they aren't going to hire you. People like doing business with people they like, and people generally prefer those who are similar to themselves. We're all narcissists, and if you could turn away from the mirror for a second you'd see that.

Find out the areas they've owned property, and if possible, visit them and learn about them. Release your inner stalker. Maybe you can find out through their social media profiles that they have a dog, and maybe you see that near their current residence is a park. Bring up how you've gone there sometimes when you had your dog, before it tragically died, for bonus sympathy. This is about having the right shared memories-save the honesty for questions about your job experience.

Share in their Mistakes

With 411Locate, you get access to all publically available data on your interviewer, which includes their criminal record. People relate to those who have similar struggles as them-it's known as friendship through adversity. If you strategically namedrop some minor crime that you were convicted of that they were as well, and then sneakily ask, "Anything like that ever happen to you?" you might find yourself fast friends with them. Become partners in crime. They'll sympathize with you and remember and think about themselves, which really is the key to getting people to like you. Get them to think and talk about themselves, and they'll leave the interview with a very positive opinion of you. Be what your significant other is always nagging you to be-a good listener.

Become a Prosecutor

There's another strategy that can work-if you've got a particularly difficult interviewer who's focused on such frivolous things as finding out if you're under qualified, you can put them onto the defensive to spare you impossible questions. The key for this is to ask fairly specific questions that will make them think about their own lives and distract them. He comes at you with a hard, "What is a time that you failed to predict a situation that led to a poor outcome?" and you can slam right back with, "it's always unfortunate when that happens - is that why you t-boned that car last January?"Just have enough information to get them emotional and you can control the direction of the interview.

Follow the advice above and do your research, and you can land any job that you're interviewed for.

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