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How to Run a Background Check on Yourself

Ever Get That Feeling You're Being Watched? Do you even know how conspicuous you're being? No matter what you do, someone probably knows about it. Just look at the signs, man! What are you doing wrong, you ask? It's simple - existing in modern society. Unless you're some kind of crazy hermit out in the mountains (in which case how and why are you reading this?) some or all of your data is tracked. Yes, a lot of it is through companies to sell you advertising, but plenty of it is just through the government, in standard forms you fill out and sign off on every year.

Why Would I Want to Check My Own Background? Because it is so easy for someone to scope you out, you need to know what your background check says, to stay ahead of the game. These things are super thorough, my highly suspicious friend! Whether it's a bounty hunter, a jealous ex, an identity thief, or even just one of those awful employers, someone could be checking up on you for who knows what reason. Know what they know, and be ready for the ramifications. Get some tinfoil ready - we have hats to make.

The Most Complete Tools with the Best Data Now that you're assumed to have made up your mind to run the ultimate in Googling yourself, you need to learn how to actually do it. It's easiest when you can use the minimum number of tools for the maximum results. A public records search tool, like 411Locate, is among the best choices for the operation. It digs through all government records on you, and even through your social media profiles to develop a highly comprehensive check on you. Among other things, this check will reveal your:

  • Current and previous addresses
  • Known family members and their info
  • Financial history, like liens, bankruptcies
  • Legal history, such as lawsuits filed for or against you
  • Criminal history all the way back to your birth
  • Certificates of marriage and divorce
  • Known social media profile names
  • Age and gender
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Will This Affect My Credit Score?

Good news for conscious consumers! Your credit score will be totally unaffected after a background check with 411Locate, regardless of how good it is. Unlike an employer background check, this doesn't include your credit scores, those pesky three digit ratings that pretty much determine your lot in life. You can run as many of these sorts of background checks on yourself as you like, if you're morbidly curious about updating information. Of course, if you'd like to know your credit score, you can try your hand with one of the many "reputable" online venders you see advertised everywhere. You might want to check our guide on protecting your identity first, though...

What to Do with the Information Now that you've creeped on yourself as thoroughly as possible, what you can do with the info is entirely up to you. You can know what employers will find out about you, what future dates might be able to discover, and how easy it is to put a hit out on you. Better to know than be ignorant, right? While you're on the hunt through this stuff, you might as well see what other feats you can pull off with this tool by checking the resource section on 411Locate today!

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