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How to be Psychic at a Party

Make an Impression

Looking for a way to impress people at a party? Inspire attraction, interest, or general likeability? Well, there are a few ways to achieve this: with looks, with skills, or with knowledge. You could spend tons on trendy clothes or go to the gym every day, and still be bested by someone richer with more free time. So which of the remaining options should you choose-a display of skill, or a display of knowledge? The answer is "both"-show a skill of possessing knowledge that you couldn't possibly have. Become a psychic with 411Locate!

Framing your Act

You can frame the act however you want-with a palm reading, a crystal ball, or a Sherlock Holmes impersonation. It's better to dress it up a bit, as just walking up to a stranger and telling them all about themselves will probably make them more worried than impressed.

How to Start

Learn the name of a person you've never met at a party by any means-ask your friend, ask someone talking to them, or read it on their name tag if it's that sort of party. When you've got the name, pull out your phone and go to 411Locate Person Search. Bring them up by name and state, and get all the info you can. This is when you can walk up to this person you've never met and introduce yourself. Start the conversation normally and begin wowing them with correct guess after correct guess. You'll be able to tell them:

  1. Their age ("You look about 27 to me.")
  2. Date of birth (which you can combine with their zodiac sign, if you want to)
  3. Where they live and have been living
  4. Any aliases they have (feel free to casually drop them in the conversation)
  5. Their entire criminal and court history
  6. Maiden name, marriage and divorce certificates
  7. All of their social network profiles
  8. Phone numbers and email addresses (you could read the phone number one digit at a time to them, as if drawing it from the ether)
  9. Relatives ("so you still keep in touch with your younger brother?")

Extra Tips for First-Time Psychics

You can do your psychic act in a crowd, too, but it's likely that other people will want a reading, so be careful. If you see a relatively stable grouping, you could pick out a couple of them to look up, so you can at least repeat the act twice. Depending on how gullible your group is, you could claim that the spirits are tired or nonresponsive after reading a few people.

If you take the Sherlock super-sleuth angle, just be sure to talk really fast and have really simple "evidence" you can point to for justifying why you can tell certain things about them. For example, if you see that they just changed addresses recently, you can say,

"Oh well I can tell you just moved residences recently because your eyes have slight bags under them that indicate a lack of sleep combined with strenuous work and concentration, which rules out late-night partying. Of course you could have simply been working but your stance indicates you were using your legs a lot and you have a desk job, and your fingers show signs of strain from moving boxes and furniture."

Now imagine saying that all in roughly 10 seconds. If you don't have improv chops, you may want to stick with a less "scientific" palm reading.

Have fun with it, and remember that a magician never reveals their trick!

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