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How to be a Bounty Hunter

How to Be a Bounty Hunter

Ever since the days of the old west, bounty hunting has been a legal career in the U.S. It's simple-a bad guy on bail skips town, now he's wanted for his trial/crimes. The problem is that U.S. law enforcement can't go out of their jurisdiction, and especially not their state lines-only the FBI can do that, and they can't handle every little bail hopper that shows up. So see this gap in supply and demand as an opportunity and be the enterprising bounty hunter who fills it up.

Depending on your talent for the game, you could earn around $80,000 a year or more, for chasing, detaining and towing bad guys. In most states you only need to be 18 and have a license for a firearm, along with a background check. You get to carry a gun-all of your accountant friends will be so jealous! Now you can chase them on foot, by car, or on horseback if you want to go old-school, but the problem is "where to start?" Let 411Locate help with a few tools and tips:

Learn their Aliases

411Locate gives you access to every single known alias that your target has used anywhere. Whether it's a childhood nickname, an online persona or a criminal fraternity induction name, you will find it through people search on 411Locate, which can help later in the tracking at various motels, and other places that might be harboring your mark.

Stake their Known Residences

You can also get their entire address history, all property that they own, and their current residence. All of these locations are valuable for a bounty hunter, as you can stake them out and determine whether they're in use by questioning neighbors and passersby. It's also advisable to have a good thermos and plenty of coffee for this tactic-don't blink.

Question their Families & Friends

A complete background check will give you known associates, previous jobs, marriage records, and relatives, which means you'll have an entire list of leads to help you locate your bounty. 411Locate only gives you the data, so you'll still have to be personable and charming to get the information you need out of them. This isn't the time to go all strong, silent type or use your six shooter to ask questions, guldernit.

Get Social

This is 2014 and we're using modern bounty hunting, so get online with some web 3.0 tracking. It's good enough for the NSA, so it's good enough for your career. A background check gets you all of the social networks your guy uses-hopefully he's a blabbermouth, uses Foursquare, or at least geotags his pictures. If he is actually smart, you could set up a fake Facebook page with an attractive picture of someone just his type, whatever that might be. Make some other fake pages to befriend your main fake page so that it isn't a suspicious looking no-friends page. Then you ask to add him, say you found his picture handsome, and with a little finagling, get a date. Now's your chance to grab him-it's always nice when a guy ends up paying for dinner.

Follow the Money

When a wanted criminal is on the run, what resource runs out first? Money of course. Using the lawsuit, bankruptcy, liens and criminal history included in your background report, you can find out where your bounty will turn to for money and who is coming after them for money. When they go in for a withdrawal the trail will pick up, and creditors will likely be helpful in tracking down your guy because they want his money.

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