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5 Reasons to Find Out How Visible You Are Online

No matter how active you are online, you've left a trail of data that others can easily pick up on. Information stored in public records is accessible by anyone, and because it is collected and stored in databases by the government, cannot simply be "deleted." Then, most of us add to that with tons of services we sign up for online, not the least of which are social media sites. Naturally, people feel uneasy about how visible they are online, and it's in your best interest to explore how much data on you is available to the public before it is used against you. What follows are just some of the reasons why:

1. Prevent Embarrassment

Have you ever dug through your social media posts from years ago? Can you believe the embarrassing things you thought and said? "Who is this idiot and why are they using my name?" you'll think. That could be from before you had things set to private-what if a new significant other finds it, or new friends? Get on the privacy settings and delete the worst of them so that high school you can't come back to haunt you.

2. Preventing Stalkers

Whether they're spurned lover, a private investigator, or a serial killer, cyberstalkers have an easy time tracking their figurative or literal kill. What breadcrumbs are out there can lead your stalker straight to you. If you're the type to say, "Well I don't have anyone stalking me!" consider that while you might be ugly now you could become attractive later, stirring your own personal creep from their slumber. Discover just how easy it is to find you before someone else does.

3. Preserving Safety and Political Activity

If you're a member of a persecuted political minority and others wish violence upon you, then it's a serious concern if they are able to find out all about you, down to your address. Protect your freedom of speech and your safety-search for your own public records on 411Locate to see what safety measures you and others in your group might need to take.

4. Preventing Identity Theft

Personal information isn't aggregated just on Person Search sites, but also in local government sites. Identity theft is more common every day, so determining your vulnerability is of the utmost importance. Your birth certificate, marriage records, employment history, and property ownership records could all be used to help begin acquiring information that leads to finances. See what's out there that you need to suppress to keep people from profiting from being you.

5. Knowing What your Employer Knows

At almost every professional job you can get, a background check is inevitable. Now, you should always be upfront with any information your employer-to-be wants, of course, but it's easy to forget exactly what information is available or relevant. If you're guilty of some crime or spotty employment history, you'll want to know exactly what your employer is able to find, and be able to address it during interviews or questioning without getting blindsided. Staying up to date on your public records will help you stay on your toes when you're going for your next big job.

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