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Public Record Information
How to Run a Background Check on Yourself

Ever Get That Feeling You're Being Watched? Do you even know how conspicuous you're being? No matter what you do, someone probably knows about it.

What to Learn About Someone Before You Make an Investment

Investments can be a great way to grow your income. Put the money down, and check in every once in a while for the return. If you're investing in stocks, you can just check an app every day and see how your stocks' values have changed. However, usually far more lucrative...

Inexpensive & Quick Background Checks for Your Small Company

If you have a small company, it's likely that you don't have much experience with employees. If you are expanding from a sole proprietorship or partnership to managing employees you've

5 Lessons on Protecting Online Privacy You Must Teach Your Kids

Great. Just when you were getting used to teaching them the whole walking thing and how to drink like a sober adult usually manages to, suddenly those tiny fingers are getting on a computer. The

How to Improve Your Outside Sales Efforts

If you work in B2B or real estate sales, you know that you need good information to find and sell to a lead. Get a leg up and qualify them with 411Locate today!

Inexpensive Background Checks for your Small Company
  • If you have a small company, it's likely that you don't have much experience with employees. If you are expanding from a sole proprietorship or partnership to managing employees you've hired, you probably have a lot of ideas about how you're going to be a great boss...
How to be a Bounty Hunter

Ever since the days of the old west, bounty hunting has been a legal career in the U.S. It's simple-a bad guy on bail skips town, now he's wanted for his trial/crimes. The problem is that U.S. law enforcement can't go...

How to Protect Yourself from Online Identity Theft

Let's cut to the chase-there have been reports and mediocre movies about identity thieves for at least the last decade. Hundreds of thousands have fallen victim to their lazy, dorky version of robbery. So by this point you're either familiar with them, or you're living in a cardboard box, wondering what happened to your credit cards.

Is the City I'm Moving to Good for People with My Name?

It's that time in your life-maybe you just graduated college, just started a new career, or just left a miserable relationship. Regardless of the reason, it's time to up and move, not just within your city, but to an entirely new area. It's a real fresh start. Regardless of whether you can choose where you go, or you can't (such as for a job), you'll want to know something important about this new berg-does it treat people with your name well?

How to Use People Search to Stay a Step Ahead of your Interviewer

You just got off the phone. You're so excited you can't stop yourself from jumping up and down. They invited you in for an interview! You've got a shot, you can do this, you're going to waltz in there and show them...wait. Now the panic sets in.

How Do I Get Back at Telemarketers?

A relic of a bygone age, there is maybe nothing more unexpected and annoying than a call during dinner from a telemarketer. They must be selling to someone-otherwise companies wouldn't pay for these buzzards. Regardless, if you have some extra time and the right information, you can get a little revenge...

5 Reasons to Research a Date BEFORE You Meet Up

You've met someone pretty chill on a dating site. You've looked through their interests, deemed them attractive enough. They're not a creep so far. You've done some digital flirting. It's all very millennial-modern and sterile. Now it's almost time to see how the chemistry flows sans screen, but that's a big step! Seeing a dating profile isn't the sam

How to be Psychic at a Party

Looking for a way to impress people at a party? Inspire attraction, interest, or general likeability? Well, there are a few ways to achieve this: with looks, with skills, or with knowledge. You could spend tons on trendy clothes or go to the gym every day, and still be bested by someone richer with more free time. So which of the remaining options should you choose-a display of skill, or a display of knowledge?

5 Reasons to Find Out How Visible You Are Online

No matter how active you are online, you've left a trail of data that others can easily pick up on. Information stored in public records is accessible by anyone, and because it is collected and stored in databases by the government, cannot simply be "deleted". Then, most of us add to that with tons of services we sign up for online, not the least of which are social

How to Avoid Being Found by an Ex
It used to be that an obsessive ex would simply call randomly and wait outside your house or place of work - you could just get a restraining order and you were clear. Well the good old days are gone, because now stalking is so easy, risk-free and commonplace
What information do I get with public record data?
Whether it be neighbors or coworkers, there will be moments when you want to know more about someone, but do not know how to ask. Fortunately, public records are accessible to citizens by law, and records exist on federal, state, and local levels. Volumes of information are right at your fingertips, and often it can be difficult to find the exact information you need, such as previous addresses or marriage history.
What exact information do I get with a background check report?
When screening a potential hire, it can be tiresome to search through many different government agency to get the exact public records that you need. Sometimes you only need one or two facts, such as rent history or arrest records, yet standing in line or waiting on the phone to get these simple details often costs precious time. And sometimes you may not even find the right person, leading you to start the tiresome search all over again.
What Details are included a People Search report?
How exactly does 411Locate work? It's easier than you think. If you are looking for someone you haven't seen for a long time, our People Search gives you everything you need, from address to emails. Just provide a First and Last name, as well as a State where he or she lived, and our database of millions will provide the closest match. Also included is the person's age and date of birth, social networking profiles (such as Facebook or Twitter), and even family information.
Is there such a thing as divorce or marriage record search?
Through public records, you are allowed to research whether someone is married, or has been previously married. Usually, you are required to scour through the public courthouses for the marriage certificate on file. However, with resources such as 411Locate, this process is made easier as you can get the information right at your fingertips.
How to I protect my personal information from appearing online?
Back in the old days, if you wanted to have a background check on someone, such as a potential hire or nanny, you would have to call government resources such as City Hall or the Police Station to access potential information. However, with the rise of the internet and public databases such as 411Locate, this data has become more easily accessible, and now someone's name, emails, current and former addresses, arrest records, and even annual salaries can be obtained easily with the click of a mouse.
How Do I Find Out Who's Calling Me
Prank Callers. Telemarketers. Debt Collectors. We all have people that we hate getting calls from, and people that we wish would just stay off our phones. Yet how can you tell who exactly is calling you? Let 411Locate help.
How do I find out who owns a house?
It may seem like a strange thought, but sometimes you want to know who exactly owns a house or property. Perhaps you need to speak to its owners over a land dispute. You possibly want to rent from them. Or maybe you have seen some strange activity going on around the neighborhood and want to warn the owner.
How do I find I find a person online?
Are you looking to reconnect with an old friend from high school? Have you been wondering where that neighbour that you shared a few beers with had moved to? Were you just looking to find a family member that you had lost touch with? Thanks to the power of the Internet and 411Locate, you now have the ability to find whichever person you are looking for in any location!
How does Reverse Phone Lookup work?
In the age of widespread cell phone usage, people have been communicating with each other more and more. Calls, texts, emails, sending each other messages and statements has never been easier, all via a little device that we keep in our pockets. However, sometimes information gets lost or mishandled, as we often send or receive things that we weren't supposed to, often to or from a person that we weren't meant to speak to.
Are People Finder Services Trusted Online?
How can you be sure if People Finders such as 411Locate are legitimate or not? It's a fair question, how can you be sure that our databases contain the right information on someone, and are you sure you are even researching the right person? You can be assured that 411Locate only takes the most official information and have taken the proper routes in finding them.

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